Kendra Abay

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Weddings, engagements, the birth of a child or a celebration of a life well lived, a celebrant can help to turn your day into a treasured memory filled with personal significance.

As a Marriage and Civil Celebrant, Kendra thrives on composing and delivering ceremonies that are personalised and unique to each circumstance. She gives the greatest respect and honour to individual heritage, customs, traditions, rituals and personal family preferences.

Kendra has also had decades as a professional Event and Portrait photographer. So, getting her to do some ‘Happy Couple’, photographs at the conclusion of your ceremony is a sensational idea – especially for the tiny, ‘Elopement’, style ceremonies that have become, ‘The New Black’, of Marriage Ceremonies and especially popular since the advent of the global health challenges. 

Kendra will never take for granted how fortunate she is to be invited into people’s lives and to be entrusted with such an important and rewarding responsibility.

Know that every ceremony will be filled with grace and dignity and delivered with the greatest amount of love.

Its also important to note that every Celebrant has their own style and its so important that there is a wonderful, ‘connection’ between you and your Celebrant, just as one may have with a Minister of Religion. 

  • 78% of all marriages, in Australia, are now performed in non denominational Marriage Ceremonies, officiated by Celebrants.. Progress!
Rob and John waited 38 years for the ‘Yes’ vote to Marriage Equality, in Australia, to marry.